A Christian outreach organization founded with the mission of spreading the love of Christ to the world.

A recording music group comprising of young and talented singers and musicians. And guess what? The SOG will be dropping her debut single soon so watch out for it! We have a whole lot more inspiring content and programs coming soon so be on the lookout.

Anyone know a mosquito trick that actually works? I live in front of a canal so all hell has broke loose.

Anyone been to Sardinia? Looking into the Olbia area. Good towns to stay in? Good beaches? help!!

Hey Dutchies, can someone explain to me the double “je”? For example: “hoe voel je je?” I don’t get it!!

I have a 5 day weekend coming up and want a lil vacay. Any recommendations? Where did you go recently in europe that was really nice?

Loving this horror kick that Netflix is on right now. Any one else like Chambers?